What’s Coolish

Coolish is “Drinkable ice-cream” with cool & smooth texture as new way of eating ice-cream.
And Coolish can serve easy way of eating because you can eat by one hand.
You can refresh yourself quickly by this coolness seeping into every fiber of your body.


Vanilla flavor

Vanilla flavor

You can taste the sweet and mellow vanilla flavor

Small twist is important !

Knack to enjoy Coolish deliciously

This is the knack to taste “smooth good taste” like the shake

  • Wait a few minutesWait a few minutes

    Wait a few minutes

    Let’s wait at a room temperture after picking from the freezer. This is a feeling of excitement of Coolish’s own.
  • Squeeze with both handsSqueeze with both hands

    Squeeze with both hands

    It’s appropriate timing that ice-cream inside become soft a little after squeezing.
    Let’s enjoy Coolish!