We deliver the confectionery based on our 3 important values: "User Oriented", "Originality", and "Quality"

Akihiro Yamada

General Director

LOTTE group is a global confectionery company that develop the business all over the world, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, North & South America, Europe.
Especially in Japan, Lotte Co.,Ltd. moves along with the times over 70years as the pioneer of chewing gum company after founded in 1948.
And Lotte Vietnam Co.,Ltd. was established in 1996 as a subsidiary company of Lotte Co.,Ltd.

Our motto is to provide “Deliciousness” “Fun feeling” to consumers in the world.
And we deliver the confectionery based on our 3 important values: “User Oriented”, “Originality”, “Quality”

In the fast-growing country, Vietnam, we launched “LOTTE XYLITOL” from 2006 that is No.1 gum brand in Japan and Korea. Thanks to consumer loving this brand, “LOTTE XYLITOL” have become the best loved gum brand.

Only “LOTTE XYLITOL” is〈gum for preventing tooth decay〉endorsed and recommended by VOSA (Vietnam Odonto - Stomatology Association).
There will be the drastic changes in the market & economy and the diverse needs of consumers more and more.
In that situation, we would like to contribute to “No cavity society” and “Fulfilling life” by penetrating “LOTTE XYLITOL” and our confectionery in Vietnam society.

We look forward to see the persons who works & become mature together or the persons who have the strong will of contribution for Vietnam society at Lotte Vietnam Co.,Ltd.