Privacy Policy

Lotte Vietnam Co. Ltd. ( “we” ) understand the importance of your personal information and privacy (collectively “personal information”), and go to great lengths to ensure its safekeeping; and to earn your trust, we are, in keeping with this privacy policy, continuing to improve our information security technology and strengthen our administration systems in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, etc.

1. Collection and Use of Personal Information

In order to provide better service to you, we may sometimes ask for your personal information when you participate in surveys or gift programs, apply for a prize, subscribe to our e-mail newsletter, use our online shop, or make inquiries, etc. We only ask for personal information when it is necessary.

When we ask for your personal information, we explain what it may be used for, limit how it may be used, and use it only to fulfill the purposes stated, keeping its use to a minimum, and exercising care so that your rights are not impaired. In cases where we need to use your personal information for a purpose that exceeds the limitations set at the time of collection, you will be notified of the purpose in advance; and if you do not approve, you may reject such use at your discretion.

We may use the personal information you share with us in the following situations:

  • 1. When notifying you of sales, events, and campaigns,
  • 2. When selecting prizewinners in campaigns and delivering prizes,
  • 3. When promoting products and services and delivering samples,
  • 4. When administering the membership system,
  • 5. When delivering products that have been ordered and providing services that have been subscribed to, or when providing after-sales service,
  • 6. When asking you to participate in surveys regarding products and services, or delivering rewards for participation.
  • 7. When responding to inquiries or requests for information,
  • 8. When delivering newsletters,
  • 9. When creating non-personally identifiable statistical data for product development, marketing activities, or making improvements of other services,
  • 10. When managing, or conducting professional/commercial communication or correspondence with, business clients and potential business clients,
  • 11. When managing or informing shareholders, in accordance with the Companies Act, etc.,
  • 12. When screening or communicating with potential employees, etc., during recruitment, and
  • 13. When fulfilling other purposes explicitly stated when personal information is being acquired.

2. Protection and Management of Personal Information

We implement stringent security measures to prevent your personal information from being illegally leaked outside the company, lost, destroyed, or altered without authorization while it is under our management, and administrators are appointed to manage it strictly and appropriately. Access to databases, etc., containing personal information is restricted to authorized personnel, and strict internal controls are in place that prevent improper use of personal information.

We may sometimes contract an external party to handle all or some data containing personal information so that we are able to offer improved services (including but not limited to contacting you (via email or otherwise) as part of surveys, gift or prize programs; responding to your inquiries; delivering merchandise, presents, or other goods; creating, improving, maintaining and managing websites; or improving, maintaining, or managing web servers and other systems). In such a situation we select a group company or a subcontractor that can be trusted to handle personal information appropriately ( “Subcontractor” ), and commission them to manage it under an outsourcing contract, etc.,

specifying that all the necessary arrangements be made for managing, secrecy protection, and preventing the reoffering or leakage of personal information, etc., to ensure its appropriate management.

3. Disclosure of Personal Information

We do not disclose your personal information to third parties (other than our Subcontractors) without your consent. However, it may be disclosed or provided without your consent in the following cases:

  • 1. When notifying your information to the courts, police or other relevant institutions or concerned parties if it turns out that you have committed an act that has a detrimental effect on us or other customers, etc.,
  • 2. When we are requested to disclose your information by the courts, police, or [other] public institution(s), or its disclosure is required by law, or
  • 3. When its disclosure to a third party without your consent is permitted under the Cyber Information Security Law.

4. Revision or Deletion of Personal Information and Contact Details

When you (or your agent) request, via procedures we specify, that your personal information be revised or deleted, then appropriate measures will be taken in accordance with the laws and regulations. Please note, however, that if we are requested to delete personal information, then information and services can no longer be provided.

If you have any inquiries about this privacy policy or your personal information, please call us toll-free on 0120-734-610. (Inquiries are accepted from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. except on weekends, [public] holidays, New Year holidays, and other dates we specify.)

5. Use of Our Services by Minors

People aged 14 years old or younger ( “children” ) must obtain the consent of his/her parents or legal guardian before giving us personal information through our websites (,, and (“ Our Website ”). [If you are a child,] please ask your parents or guardian to read this privacy policy and our terms of service and obtain his/her consent.

If it becomes clear that we have received personal information from a child without the consent of their legal guardian, or are notified by their guardian to that effect, then we may delete the personal information concerned without the consent of the child. We may also delete information from a minor aged 15 years or older without the consent of the child if his/her guardian requests us to do so.

6. Use of Cookies

Cookies are small files that are sent by our web servers to your browser and recorded on your computer and that may be referred by the web server when you access Our Website in order to help you to use the Internet more effectively. We may sometimes use cookies to customize Our Websites according to their needs, or to improve the contents and services to be provided in Our Website to increase customer satisfaction.

You can set you browsers to reject cookies, or to display a warning when a cookie is received. However, doing so may render personalization functions, etc., unusable for you.

7. Access Logs

Information about people who access Our Website is stored in the form of access logs. Access logs store information such as users’ domain names and/or IP addresses, the type of browser they are using, and the date/time they access the website; this information is used in website maintenance and to create statistics and analyses regarding usage status, and is not used for any other purpose.

8. Revision

The privacy policy displayed on Our Website may be revised to reflect improvements in our information security, or to remain in compliance with amended laws, government/ministerial ordinances, or other standards. If this privacy policy is revised, you will be informed via a notice of revision (containing the details of revision) published on Our Website. Any revisions made to this privacy policy will come into effect when they are published on Our Website.

Social Media Policy

Lotte Vietnam Co. Ltd ( “we” ) set forth the code of conducts and policies to be complied with in this Social Media Policy ( “policy” ) and we follow them when participating in social media.

1. Scope

This policy sets forth the matters on how our brand value and its favorable impression should actively come to be known through social media, and applies to information transmission from our social media accounts.

2. Purpose

To build a relationship of trust with you, we will communicate with you sincerely on social media and work to increase our brand value. We will do our best to deeply understand what you want by listening to your observations and opinions, and work to provide products and services of even higher quality.

3. Usage Guidelines

When we use social media* we strive to comply with laws and regulations appropriately without deviating from sound commonsense and communicate sincerely. We do our best to not publish content that would cause many persons who receive information confusion, or offend others, or publish inappropriate content that would damage our brand image and diminish our trustworthiness.

*E.g. services such as blogs, social network services, or video sharing websites that enable users to contribute or exchange information with one another.

Notice for Social Media Users

Please refer to Our Website and news releases for our official opinions and publications.

Information on social media is only current at the time of publication, and it may be amended at a later date: it may not be the current information when you read it. We cannot guaranty its completeness or accuracy, or anything about its subject matter.

In addition, please comply with the terms of use when using the services provided by our social media account.

Lotte Vietnam Co. Ltd. assumes no liability whatsoever for any damages caused to you either by your use of social media or by your inability (for any reason) to do so.