01Sanitation &

It's not until we check many times that we can enter the manufacturing place to serve everybody reliable and safe products.
In addition, we check by the metal detector many times also when manufacturing.
  • It's prohibited to bring all that has the possibility to mix with the products. (ring, watch, hairpin etc...)

  • By air-shower that blows strong winds, we brush hair or dust off with turning round and round.

  • By adhensive roller cleaner, we check if there is hair or dust again for the safety.

  • By alcohol-based hand sanitizer, we sterilize the hands or fingers carefully.
    we sterilize always when entering the manufacturing place.


02Chewing gum

Made from? ~ Raw materials of chewing gum ~

Main raw materials of chewing gum are the below. By utilizing each materials together, we can manufacture the tasty gum.

  • 01Gum baseto decide “Chewability”

    It's called gum base left after chewing.
    By this gum base, we can serve excellent chewability.

  • 02Sweetenerto decide “Sweetness”

    Gum base itself doesn't have the taste.
    We add the sweetness of gum by the various sweeteners later. It's not only sugar but xylitol to prevent tooth decay.

  • 03Flavoring agentto decide “Aroma”

    We use the flavoring agent to add aroma. Peppermint as natural herbs is added for the refreshed taste, and natural essential oil extracted from fruits is added for fruity fragrance. We can make the various aroma by mixing some flavoring agents.

Efficacy of chewing gum

Efficacy often said generally is the below.

  • 01Enhance concentration

    By chewing the gum, muscular movement of the chin and mouth stimulates the brain and it leads to the cerebral blood circulation, and brain neuron activation.

  • 02Relaxing effects

    Chewing the gum will lead to the activation of serotonin secretion. Serotonin is also called “Happy hormone” and bring the relaxing effects & the peace of mind.

  • 03Preventing bad breath

    By chewing gum, it brings the sialogogic effect and leads to preventing bad breath.

  • 04Preventing tooth decay

    By chewing the sugar free gum containing xylitol, it brings the effect of preventing tooth decay.

*Merits above will not apply to everybody

Gum production line

  • 1Mixer

    By adding&mixing sugar and flavoring agent in gum base, we make a soft lump of gum

  • 2Rolling mill roll

    We make gum pushed out and extend to platy gum by roller

  • 3Cutting machine

    We cut the platy gum in predetermined size

  • 4Sugar coating

    We pour syrup and dry. By repeating over 80times, we can make the colored rispy & tasty gum coating.

  • 5Aging Room

    We cool one night in aging room. By this procedure, gum will be just good hardness and tasty more.

  • 6Filling operation
    and Packing

  • 9Eventually our chewing gum
    is delivered to all of you

  • 8Go to store

  • 7Shipment


03Chocolate & Biscuits


Made from? ~ Raw materials of chocolate ~

Main raw materials of chocolate are the below. By utilizing each materials together, we can manufacture the tasty chocolate.

  • 01Cacao massbitter taste & aroma

    We draw out the bitter taste of chocolate and original aroma from this cacao mass. Cacao mass is made by roasting and grinding the fermented & dried cacao beans after peeling skin of beans. We can get cocoa butter and cocoa powder from this cacao mass.

  • 02Cocoa buttercrispy texture & melting in mouth

    Cocoa butter make the big role for making chocolate's original crispy texture and melting in mouth. Cocoa butter is extracted vegetable fat from cacao mass. This fat is including in cacao mass plentifully (About 55%)

  • 03Cocoa powdertaste-making & coloring

    Cocoa powder is used in case of drinking cocoa beverages generally. In addition, it's used for chocolate taste-making & coloring.

  • 04Sugarsweetness

    By cacao mass only, there is not sweetness but strong bitterness. So we add sugar for sweetness.

  • 05Daily ingredientmild taste

    By daily ingredient, we can reduce the bitterness and astringency, and make chocolate more mild taste. We use the dried powdery daily ingredients(whole powdered milk or defat powdered milk) for chocolate containing few water.

Efficacy of chocolate

Cacao polyphenols containg chocolate has great efficacy for your health. Efficacy often said generally is the below.

  • 01Decrease
    of blood pressure

    Cacao polyphenols can help to widen the opening in blood vessels.

  • 02Prevention
    of arteriosclerosis

    Cacao polyphenols can help to prevent arteriosclerosis. Because it has anti-oxidant action to prevent LDL cholesterol's oxide as one of the causes of arteriosclerosis.

  • 03Prevention
    of skin-aging

    Cacao polyphenols can help to prevent the skin-aging. By the anti-oxidant action of cacao polyphenols, the action of active oxygen as the cause of skin-aging is reduced, and it's helpful for skin troubles.

  • 04Prevention
    of the cavity

    Cacao polyphenols have the effect of sterilizing. So it reduces the action of bacteria in the mouth. But chocolate contains carbohydrate, so it's important to brush your teeth and take xylitol gum.

*Merits above will not apply to everybody


Made from? ~ Raw materials of biscuits ~

Main raw materials of chocolate are the below. By utilizing each materials together, we can manufacture the tasty biscuits.

  • 01Flourpleasant smelling biscuits dough

    There is so many kinds of flour by the amount of protein in it. Normally suitable flour is used, for example, flour containing much protein is for breads and noodle, and flour containing a few protein is for biscuits and cake.

  • 02SugarSweetness

    Sugar is for not only sweetness of biscuits but soft texture and color luster.

  • 03Oil and fatSoft texture

    Oil and fat's Shortening made from vegetable oil is essential for crispy texture. It's used for not only biscuits but bread etc…widely.

  • 04Daily productnutrition and flavor

    Daily products(milk, skimmed milk, concentrated milk, butter etc..) and egg have highly nutritious foods. By these materials, we can add more tastiness and flavor.

Efficacy of biscuits

Efficacy often said generally is the below.

  • 01Nutritional supplementation

    Biscuits is highly nutritious foods because it contains “carbohydrate” “protein” “lipid” “vitamin A,B1,B2” “mineral” from flour and egg, milk etc…

Koala’s March production line

  • 1Mixer

    Start is to make dough of tasty biscuits. By large mixer, it's possible to make over 100kg dough.

  • 2Cutting system

    Lump of dough is cut into each 16kg for next processing.

  • 3Rolling system

    By big roller, kneaded dough is rolled into long narrow strip of dough.

  • 6Oven

    In oven with dozens of meters, koala's biscuits are baked with taking plenty of time. We adjust and control the temparture in oven by considering season and dough situation.

  • 5Punching system

    Punched cute koala's bosucuits like a jigsaw puzzle are emerging.

  • 4Printing system

    Here is original printing system. By using rotary drum with various cute koala's character, we put these character on dough with caramel ink.

  • 7Check

    To check if there is some burnt biscuits etc.. or not by visually confirming.

  • 8Chocolate injection system

    We inject chocolate from the behind of biscuits for not breaking cute koala's illustration In addition, we use a thin needle like injection, so hole is very small...

  • 9Cooler

    After inject the chocolate, biscuits are cooled and become that tasty koala's march.

  • 12Completion

    Koala's march is manufactured for taking many minutes through the line with a few hundred meters.

  • 11Quality check

    We carry out a metal inclusion test and quantity check here by high performance device's sensor. Besides, we check by visually confirming again here. We put the importance on quality check for your safety.

  • 10Packing system

    We carry out Bagging and cartoning at the same timing speedy and manufacture 100boxes per minute.