2019.09.13New product ,

Lotte has already launched a kind of handy candy with full of xylitol content that helps prevent tooth decay effectively.Lotte Xylitol – “Teeth healthy, Smile freely”See more product...

"LOTTE XYLITOL GUM" launched with new look & new quality

2019.09.13New product ,

LOTTE XYLITOL is launched with new look & new quality. This time, ambassador is singer/actress Hoang Yen Chipi.Lotte hope to bring you new breeze and accompanying values.See more infomation here:h...

"Koala's March Cocoa Vanilla flavor" launched

2019.09.13New product ,

Lotte Koala’s March with delicious and lovely biscuits are now available in a limited edition “Koala’s March Cocoa Vanilla flavor”. This is a food supplement which provide calc...